Film Safety Experts

Who we are

The Film Safety Experts team consists of mountain rescuers, climbers, and himalaists as well as climbing, rescue and diving instructors and also air rescue instructors. Every member of our team is experienced in filmmaking security.
We have versatile qualifications and experience in working in difficult and remote areas. We regularly participate in real rescue missions and expeditions. We develop our skill in numerous trainings.

Our offer

We offer filmmaking security in dangerous and remote locations such as:

  • mountains,
  • caves,
  • rivers,
  • industrial structures,
  • roofs,
  • bridges,
  • trees.

Experience and references

Some of the productions we participated in:

  • The feature film “Broad Peak” directed by Leszek Dawid; to be released in 2020. Karakorum / Pakistan, The Alps / Italy, France
  • The documentary “Shisha in Winter” by Dariusz Załuski; released in 2007. The Himalayas / China / Nepal
  • TV programme “The Conquerors” by Dariusz Goczal; released in 2005. The Himalayas / Nepal

Contact with Film Safety Experts

Jacek Jawień
43-100 Tychy, Astrów 33, Poland

Tel.: +48 601 542 452